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Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Project

The existing wastewater treatment plant was constructed in 1978 which is 48 years old. The concrete walls show cracks in several sections of the structure and most of the equipment is not functioning as intended and no longer reliable. The plant operators are experiencing difficulty operating and maintaining the plant in its present condition.

The condition of the existing wastewater treatment plant has deteriorated, is no longer efficient, and its effluent does not meet TCEQ current standards. The City is continually having to expend funds in order to maintain and operate the existing plant in its present condition. It is an outdated treatment process and needs to be replaced with an advanced treatment process that can adequately produce effluent that meets TCEQ discharge permit requirements.

The City is being fined by TCEQ for failure to maintain adequate discharge of wastewater.

The new wastewater treatment plant is designed for an average flow of 1.328 million gallons per day. The proposed wastewater treatment plant will benefit the City, promote development and provide assured adequate treatment capacity for a 20-year design period and beyond.

The new wastewater treatment plant will consist of one (1) mechanical fine screen, one

(1) concrete carrousel aeration basin, two (2) 100 HP aerators (one aerator is standby), two (2) 55' diameter  final clarifiers, lift station and pumps, sludge dewatering system, ultraviolet disinfection system, 24'x32' office/laboratory building. The proposed treatment facility will be designed in accordance with the current Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's. The construction contract is in the amount of $5,488,800.00.

The engineer on the project is Garcia & Wright Consulting Engineers from San Antonio and the contractor is Cunningham Constructors & Associates from Walburg, Texas.


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