city departments

Telephone Directory

City Hall
(830) 876-2476
FAX: (830) 876-3127


Police Department

(830) 876-9542


Municipal Court Office
(830) 876-3254
Fax: (830) 876-3255

(830) 876-2219

Municipal Landfill
(830) 876-5720

Wastewater Plant
(830) 876-9264

Fire Department
(830) 876-3125

Swimming Pool
(830) 876-5146
(Seasonal: Open only during the summer.)

After business hours, call the Sheriff's Department at (830) 876-3508. For emergencies, dial 911.

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Administrative Offices

City Manager

MISSION: The City Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the city. City Manager serves at the will and pleasure of the City Council and is responsible for the proper administration of all the affairs and business of the City in accordance with the City Charter, state law and the city ordinance, including overseeing all departments and employees, except as provided otherwise in the Charter, preparing and submitting the proposed annual budget, reporting to the City Council on the financial and administrative affairs of the City, ensuring that the City Master Plan is maintained and performing duties as specified in the Charter or may be required by the Council.


Human Resource Director

Nora G. Flores

City Clerk

Melissa Guerra

MISSION: The City Clerk serves as an officer for the City. This position provides personnel and administrative support for the City operations. The position is responsible for setting up City elections, posting public meetings, agendas, minutes and all time-sensitive city postings and publishings. The City Clerk is also the custodian of records and is responsible for processing open records requests, codification of ordinances and resolutions.

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